Mark Daubney

P.G.A. Advanced Professional

P.G.A. and U.K.C.C. Tutor and Assessor

Academy Information


Mark has an excellent reputation for his varied approach to coaching that will help the absolute novice but has also provided a first for Wetherby golf club. During the 2014 season two of Mark’s pupils attained plus handicaps, a fantastic achievement for both the players and their coach. However Mark’s philosophy is always to tailor his approach to the individual and he gets as much pleasure from seeing an absolute beginner break 100 for the first time as he does from one of his pupils breaking a course record.


These can be catered for most days of the week and don`t worry if you are a total beginner, we can provide all equipment. Usual duration is 30 minutes and costs £24 we also do a pack of buy 5 receive 6 and these have a shelf life of 12 months. Doing a course of 6 is generally the best way to approach your improvement, whether you are a novice or expert, as it gives Mark chance to put a structured programme in place to really improve you as a golfer, meaning you will enjoy your hobby more.

Juniors ( Junior Academy)

Around 8 years ago Mark started the very successful Junior Academy, encouraging children from the age of 6 upwards to try golf in a fun, safe and friendly environment. He also put in place a lead-in to membership so it became easy for a child to become part of the club. Courses are usually 8 weeks duration and sessions last for 1 hour. They are held on Saturday afternoons March through to October but please contact us at any time of the year for information or to reserve a place on the next course. (All equipment can be provided)

Groups ( Adult Academy)

4 years ago Mark expanded the group coaching to encompass an Adult Academy, run on similar lines to the junior one. Wetherby now has many “Post Academy” players who have made good friends during the courses of lessons and have gone on to enjoy membership, using the club to it`s full by not only playing golf but enjoying the excellent social side as well.
Taking in total beginners to anyone who wants to improve their golf, sessions are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings March through to October, but please enquire at any time of the year as we can place you on a waiting list for the next available course. Costs start from £35 for a 6 week course of 1 hour sessions. (All equipment can be provided)

Coaching Equipment

Mark always keeps up to date with the latest trends in coaching aids.

“ I have used all sorts over the years to help my pupils play better, from high tech solutions like video analysis , Tomi putting analyser and Planeswing but I will also use low tech when required, you will often see my pupils swinging with a swimming arm band on if they have a particular problem! Basically an open mind to coaching and learning can achieve great things”.

Lessons can be booked, or if you would like more information, by calling Mark on 01937 580089 ext.2.