I am really excited to put this structure in place for coaching at Wetherby. I have not heard of anything similar so this really is pioneering the way forward for coaching. It makes it simpler for both player and coach to understand what it is you as a player wants from a lesson and then get the most out of any session.

We will have three standards of lesson, the general set up is:-


Aimed at beginners, improvers or established golfers who want to have a simple fix to their problems or steadily build a stronger swing


A longer session again aimed at beginners, improvers or established golfer. This will give more time with the coach to understand the problem and changes better and allow for fault fixing or to improve technique.


A full one hour session aimed at the improver or established player, with access to all my technology as well as text, video or written feedback after every session. This will give a chance to really understand your game and how to improve all areas.

I am a diverse and intelligent coach, I want to coach you the way you want and understand and I hope these three options will help you realise I don’t coach everyone the same way and nor should you all be taught the same. I realise some golfers love to know every bit about their swing and get “technical” whilst other people learn best with little snippets of information just to help them along and enhance their confidence.
You can now have it all here at Wetherby, simply book the type of lesson you want and let’s get started on improving your game and helping you get more enjoyment out of your chosen hobby.
Learn the way YOU want to learn

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